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A Colourful Life by SavedArt

This is a pretty straight-forward message, clearly done with black/white text and colors. The colors might have been more vibrant if there was a bit of variety to the palette other than warm tones and the occasional pinks and purples. The crinkled paper effect is a little confusing and makes it harder to read some of the words.

I would, otherwise, suggest a different use of font between the colors and black/white, but I rather enjoy the consistency used throughout the piece. It's just molded to specific purposes, which makes more sense to approach the piece that way.

As far as impact, you're doing it very effectively through creative ingenuity, as well as courage knowing full well the retaliation it will (and has) received.

Well done for both artistic and expressionistic reasons. :)
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SavedArt Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for the feedback will apply what you just told me in the Critique. Thanks again have Blessed and Awesome day
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